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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshops

Hire us for your organizational DEI needs! We provide workshops, panels, online learning and speakers to educate the community on a variety of diversity, equity and inclusion topics including:

  • LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion.

  • Pronouns and Gender.

  • Intersectionality.

  • Allyship.

  • LGBTQ+ history.

  • Inclusive reproductive health. 

All of our workshops can be tailored to meet your organization's needs. 

If you would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss your organization's needs, contact us.

Workshop Options

LGBTQ+ Workplace DEI and Pronoun Workshop

This workshop includes:

  • Introduction to LGBTQ+ History

  • Definitions of LGBTQ+ Terms

  • Activities on the Topic of Gender

  • Information on Pronouns

  • Activities on Unconscious Bias 

  • Introduction to Allyship

  • Discussion on Inclusive Policy Implementation


Living Within the Intersections: Is Ally Enough

This workshop includes:

  • Introduction to Intersectionality

  • Pre-recorded Interviews of Intersectional People

  • Data on Intersectional People

  • What Allyship Looks Like

  • Discussion on How to be a Better Ally


Lessons You Didn't Get In School: LGBTQ+ History & Health Education Workshop

This workshop includes:

  • LGBTQ+ History Curriculum

  • Introduction to Queer Theory

  • Gender Affirming Healthcare

  • Inclusive Reproductive Health

  • HIV/AIDs Prevention and De-stigmatization

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