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Transparency, educating the community on LGBTQ+ topics, and speaking out on issues of importance are an important part of our organization. Check out this page for updates regarding:

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Chosen Family of Michigan celebrates the expansion of the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act being signed into law by Governor Whitmer. Expanding our state's civil rights law to explicitly include sexual orientation & gender identity/expression is long overdue. Although we still have work to do to enshrine protections in federal civil rights law, today's signing has brought us one step closer to CFM's vision of creating "a Michigan that uplifts the LGBTQ+ community through equity, understanding & opportunity." We will continue the work of building acceptance & inclusion not just in law, but in the hearts & minds of our fellow Americans.

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Chosen Family of Michigan applauds Congress & President Biden for the passing & signing of the Respect for Marriage Act. With members of the Supreme Court signaling willingness to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges, it was of utmost importance to protect gay marriage legislatively as well. Although this new law does not legalize gay marriage nationwide, it does repeal the Defense for Marriage Act. This means that if Obergefell v. Hodges was overturned, it would require the federal government to recognize marriages that were conducted in states where gay marriage is legal at the state level. We celebrate this progress for both gay & interracial marriages & will continue to advocate for states to legalize gay marriage legislatively to protect this right to equity in state law & not only through a federal court decision.

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The Department of Homeland Security has reissued a Domestic Terrorism Threat Advisory in part due to a recent uptick in violence against the LGBTQ+ community & other marginalized groups, as well as an attack on the husband of a member of Congress. This updated advisory replaces a previous advisory that expired on November 30th. We know this advisory has caused alarm within our community. We encourage local LGBTQ+ establishments to take the necessary precautions to keep our "safe spaces" truly safe & for individuals to take necessary precautions both online & in public. Chosen Family of Michigan is committed to working towards a world where the LGBTQ+ community is free to live authentically without fear of violence.

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