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Policy & Advocacy

From discrimination & bullying, to connecting you to LGBTQ+ friendly healthcare providers, we are here to advocate for you! We also strive for equity by fighting for inclusive policies.

Advocacy Case Files

We can help you navigate issues involving:

  • Workplace Discrimination

  • School Bullying

  • Unaccepting Family Members

  • Harassment & Domestic Violence

By being your advocate, we can stand beside you and help improve your situation. If applicable, we can also connect you to LGBTQ+ resources for your legal or healthcare needs. 

If you are in need of advocacy services, contact us.


Our Policy Committee consists of LGBTQ+ policy experts throughout the state who take the lead on voter education and LGBTQ+ legislative issues at the local, state, and federal level.  

We also represent the needs of the LGBTQ+ community on several alliances and committees. 


Additionally, we work which churches/religious organizations and government institutions (including schools) to help navigate LGBTQ issues and implement inclusive policies. 


If you are interested in volunteering on our Policy Committee, contact us.

If you are a church/religious organization, government institution, or school looking for help navigating LGBTQ+ issues, contact us.

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What's the Tea on HIV?

Our HIV programing aims to destigmatize HIV/AIDs, while also working to prevent it's spread through education and health resources. 

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Referrals & LGBTQ+ Safe Space Resources

We find and vet LGBTQ+ affirming services throughout the state to refer our clients to, including:

  • Mental Health Providers

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

  • Gender Affirmation Services

  • General Healthcare

  • Addiction Services

  • LGBTQ+ Youth & Adult Homeless Services

  • Food & Housing Services

  • Legal Services


To be connected to LGBTQ+ Resources and Safe Spaces, contact us.

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