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Official Statement on the Shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs

Updated: Apr 30

Chosen Family of Michigan is deeply saddened by the shooting that occurred at Club Q in Colorado Springs. For decades, gay clubs have served as "safe spaces" for the LGBTQ+ community where we could gather as a "chosen family." Too often, these spaces are targeted by individuals filled with hatred & bigotry. Although gun violence is an epidemic in this country, requiring solutions, we know the LGBTQ+ community faces disproportionately high rates of violence committed against us. Hate crimes are fueled by the political attacks on our community- from casting the community as a perversion & unsafe for kids leading to LGBTQ+ book & curriculum bans at libraries & schools, to threats to gay marriage & transgender rights. Instead of thoughts & prayers, we need your love & support, respect & understanding, safety & human rights.

We mourn the loss of lives & the lives forever changed by injury & trauma. We admire the bravery of those who stood up to the gunman to prevent further suffering. We stand with you & won't stop fighting until our community can live authentically without fear of hatred & violence.

Please help us continue to fight by making a tax-deductible donation at

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