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Statement on Legislation Banning Conversion Therapy for Minors

Yesterday, it was announced that several bills that would ban licensed medical professionals from providing conversion therapy to youth in Michigan were introduced in the State House & Senate. This is an important step forward to protect our youth from this dangerous form of abuse. Being LGBTQ+ is not a medical condition & therefore is not something that can be "cured." Studies have shown that youth who are subjected to conversion therapy are twice as likely to report attempting suicide.

Although some might claim this is as a "parent's rights" issue, it's really an issue around licensed medical professionals providing services that violate their responsibility to protect the public health & welfare & ultimately aren't rooted in best practices or science. It's harmful to LGBTQ+ children & should not be legal to provide.

CFM applauds this step forward & hopes this legislation is swiftly passed. Several cities in Michigan have already banned this harmful practice, as well as 21 states & the District of Columbia.

Please help us continue to fight by making a tax- deductible donation at

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